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India's #1 selling Hair oil

Natural Pure Herbal Hair Oil making last 47 years ( 4.8 Rating by Customers)

  1. Use ;- Our favourite ways to use our Veganic Natural Hair Growth Oil Our customers see the best results when using this method.

Overnight Mask:-

1. Dispense 2-5 full pipettes into the palm of your hand.

2. Gently massage the oil into your scalp and comb through.

3. Leave overnight or for a minimum of 2 hours - wash out the following day.

4. Repeat 3x a week.This Hair Oil can also be used post-wash as a hair serum:

Adivasi Herbal Ayurvedic Hair Growth馃尶

herbal Hair Oil聽takes pride in offering 100% natural products that are made entirely from Ayurvedic formulation by selecting quality ingredients and to uphold ancient Ayurvedic traditions which offer products that are nutrient rich; containing the highest amount of healing constituents


Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil Preparation

Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil - Bottle View

  • Amla oil :聽

    Amla oil comes from the Indian gooseberry, a fruit packed with vitamin C and important nutrients for healthy hair. Amla oil can help to improve hair growth, prevent hair loss, and make hair stronger and shinier.

  • Rosemary oil :

    Rosemary oil has a reputation for promoting hair growth. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Rosemary oil boost blood flow to your scalp to help your hair grow. Rosmarinic acid, found in rosemary oil, stimulates hair growth, as demonstrated in animal studies.

  • Bhringraj oil :聽

    bhringraj oil comes from bhringraj plant leaves. This plant is an ancient Ayurvedic herb known for boosting hair growth. The oil improves blood flow to the scalp, feeds hair roots, and stops hair from falling out.